Organization chart:



Parent organization Loszughana Association N.G.O.


The parent organization LoszuGhana Association (N.G.O.) has existed since year 2008. It was founded by engaged young people from Ghana and Europe. N.G.O. is registered in Ghana. In addition to single-handedly conducted project of LoszuGhana Children's Village, it has set out to arrange volunteers`involvement in social and cultural projects within a reasonable budget so as to foster better communication among nations in a non-commercial manner. The Division of Volunteer Placement is run in cooperation with the partner organization LoszuGhana in Germany (



Dr. Peter Dwumah
Executive Director

 Mr. Douglas Yaw Nkrumah
Cofounder/Exec. Member

Mr. Yaw Asare (Nana)             Cofounder/Project Coordinator

Ms. Christina Krauß 
Chairwoman-German Association


Loszughana Association (Switzerland)


We are LoszuGhana Association (Switzerland), an organization based in Switzerland. Former social service workers and motivated young people set up this association in the year 2009. The goal of the organization is to support and promote socio-cultural projects and institutions using the organizational and financial resources of our parent organization LoszuGhana N.G.O. Currently, this involves the construction of our orphanage LoszuGhana Children's Village.




Ms. Martina Widmer

Ms. Martina Gübeli
Vice Chairwoman


Constitution Loszughana Association (Switzerland)


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