Together we can succeed - will you help us?

Your donation will enable us to realize our dream LoszuGhana Children's Village. Thanks to your support, children will grow up in family-like structures and will be able to attend a school. Since we all work on a volunteer basis, our administrative and organizational costs are minimal. This means that your contribution will flow directly into the project itself.


Bank Swiss Post PostFinance Nordring 8, CH-3030 Bern
Account number:         
Account holder: Loszughana Association                           
IBAN CH32 0900 0000 6052 9712 7



For donors from Germany who require receipt of donation for annual tax exemption please use the account number below (Reference "LoszuGhana"):

Bank Sparkasse Dortmund
Account number
011 0171 42
Account holder
Ananse e.V.                                                                                            
IBAN DE89 4405 0199 0011 017142



Bank Barclays Bank Ghana, Tanoso Branch. Kumasi-Ghana
Account number                                


Account holder Loszughana Association, P.O.Box KS14340 Adum- Kumasi, Ghana                          
Swift Code
BARGHAC 0811208353




Account number


Account holder

Loszughana Association,                     






Will you support a mini project?


The LoszuGhana Children's Village is incorporated in it a number of mini projects which make up the complete Children's Village. The cost of its establishment is estimated at a massive value which requires more support from generous donors like you. By contributing a dollar now, you aid in the construction or completion of one of the following mini-projects listed below. You can also support one of the mini projects. Contact us now.


building of family houses
familiy house unit consist of a single bedroom with toilet, shower and a store room in each unit where mothers will stay with childrenbuilding of kitchen
a single kitchen complex with cooking and simple food storage facilities to provide food for the entire villageelectrification project
provision of electrical energy and lightening system for the entire projectbuilding fence / wall around the village
"1.5 meter tall" wall around the entire village land for security purposes and to confine children in the village premisesauxiliary solar power project
solar panel system to provide auxiliary energy for the project to save cost of energyprovision of water storage material (tanks)
500 gallons capacity tanks for each housing unit for optimum and frequent water supplysupporting the farm project
growing of food crops (maize,cassava, vegetables, etc.) to support feeding of childrenbuilding drainage and sewage system
Construction of toilet and sewage tanks for convenient  and hygienic disposal of wastepurchase of additional land
additional land for agricultural purposes and for future expansion of village