Happy Independence Day!

Today marks 59 years since Ghana independence, and as usual we climaxed it with route march through the streets of Adunku, Adwuaman and Old Adwampong. More Photos

School Begins-2016

Another school academic year has begun with resume of lessons and all other co-curricular activities. About 60 out of 110 school children reported in the first day of school reopening. This is normal for most schools in the district in spite of efforts to change this attitude of school attendance. Full turn out is expected next week, with perhaps new admissions as well.


With the appointment of a new school administrator, LoszuGhana expect a systematic change in the schools development, both academically and within the infrastructure. The school is going to be run under the supervision of a management committee set up by LoszuGhana NGO.

This committee comprising of seven members (4 parents, a teacher, school administrator and a representative of LoszuGhana) will form the decision-making and management body. The committee shall meet at least once every month to discuss issues about improving the school. The school management committee shall also submit copies of minutes and quarterly report to LoszuGhana Association for our review. More Photos

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Fish For All

We have harvested our fishponds once again! This time only tilapia fish with a few cat fish were taken out. Fishes are under processing for storage and consumption in the next months. This harvest was deemed necessary because of fast decreasing of the water level in the pond resulting from the dry season.

Ponds are expected to be refilled and feed with baby fish one the raining season commence in March this year. More Photos Here!

Back Again To School

Welcome Back To School  

School has begun once again for another academic term, with new admissions. The school population has now risen to about 120 children from kindergarten to class 5. There have been various new improvements such as construction of two new classrooms for class 4 and class   and 5. As a result, the engagement of new teachers to handle the classes. Moreover an administrator will be employed at the end of September 2015 to manage and run the school together with a local school management committee (SMC) but under the auspices of LoszuGhana N.G.O. 

We are happy to have move this far and continuing to support people through you our generous donators. we are grateful to all for the your continuous support. More Photos


Willkommen zurück in der Schule!                                          

Die Schule hat wieder begonnen – mit vielen Neuzugängen! Die Schülerzahl ist nun auf 120 Kinder gestiegen, vom Kindergarten bis zur 5. Klasse. Außerdem gibt es einige Verbesserungen und Fortschritte, wie beispielsweise der Bau von 2 neuen Klassenräumen für die 4. und 5. Klasse sowie die damit einhergehende Einstellung neuer Lehrer.

Außerdem wir zum Ende September 2015 ein Schuldirektor eingestellt, der gemeinsam mit einem lokalen Schulmanagementkommitee (SMC) die Leitung der Schule übernehmen wird. Dies geschieht unter der andauernden Schirmherrschaft von LoszuGhana N.G.O..

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir bereits so weit vorangekommen sind und die Menschen in Ghana durch Sie, unsere großzügigen Spender, unterstützen können! 
Wir sagen Herzlichen Dank! f
ür Ihre kontinuierliche Unterstützung.