Cassava Ready For Harvest

After almost a year of pilot base farming, the cassava farm is ready for harvest after pre harvest testing.  Cassava will be processed into “gari” the staple food consumed in almost every Ghanaian community. Mass harvesting is scheduled for end of February this year after preparation has been made for its processing. LoszuGhana will this year, plant more food crops such as maize, cassava and plantain to supplement food needs at the children’s village. More Photos 

Moreover, the vegetable garden at the children's village compound is under reconstruction and expansion mainly to cultivate vegetables often used for food at the children's village. Vegetables include, tomatoes, cocoyam for the leaves, pepper and okra. Due to the presence of sheep and donkey at the village, the garden will be fenced to prevent the animals from destroying our crops. 


"Create with the heart ; build with the mind" .. Criss Jami. Children telling us a lot by exhibiting this masterpiece this week. 

Together As One

After several years of planning and  preparation, team work and development we are thrilled that our vision for the Loszughana Children's Village has finally been realized. 

We began a journey together with the mission of building a home for disadvantaged and orphaned children in the Bosomtwe District. We toiled and built family homes in which the children can live happy lives, supported by caring people who have dedicated their time to making this possible. 

Now 10 months after bringing the first children to their new home we can rejoice in the unity and solidarity which has brought us to this point. This attitude of togetherness is one which we all wish to impress on these children and are happy to say that they are a loving, loyal group of new friends who thoroughly enjoy their new lives. 

Thank you to all of our supporters for working with us to improve the lives of these children and giving them a safe, nurturing environment as well as a chance to an education. We could not have done this without you all!


Happy New Year!!

We wish all our supporters a happy new year!!! Thank you for your support in 2014!...


Welcome Back To School