Borehole For Children’s Village

LoszuGhana would like to say a huge thank you to Kiwanis Bruchsal in Germany for sponsoring the borehole project at the Children's Village. The borehole will provide drinking and cooking water for the children, mothers and workers at the village and is being developed with a drilling machine.

So far the first phase consisting of the drilling has been completed and the borehole will soon be ready for use. The second phase is due to start and will include the installation of a pumping machine and pipes to channel the water to a storage tank.

This is a wonderful development and will benefit everyone at the Children's Village - thank you! Click Here for Photos

Welcome Back To School

The Old Adwanpong community school has resumed from the christmas break already this week. School activities has  already started with cleaning of the school compound and classrooms. Children turnout in school has improved from 9 children to 23 children since the school resumed last Tuesday.

This low children turn out in the beginning of school period is not a surprise as its a common trend in most schools in Ghana. The school however expects a full student turn out next week to start academic work and their usual activities.  We welcome all the children back to school and wish them a good time for this academic year.

Family House 7

Family House Number 7 - a big success!!

The 7th family house has gone through a quick development in the last few weeks since construction started.We are thrilled with the fast building rate as workers are labouring tirelessly to complete it in a short time. The contractor wishes to complete the quickly to avoid an increase in material and labour cost. This weekend, the building was completed to the point of fixing doors and window frames. If work progresses at the same rate the 7th house is expected to be completed within the next two months. We express our gratitude to our sponsors and supporters for  their continuing support. Click here for photos 

Two more wells for the Children’s Village

As part of our construction activities for 2014, a machine drilled borehole is scheduled to be started this week. This well will make three in total which are serving the Children’s Village project. The new water project is predicted to provide good drinking water, flow for the toilets and a shower system and well as serving the village kitchen with potable cooking water. The project is sponsored by Kiwanis Bruchsal from Germany. 

Meanwhile another similar water project has already began under the sponsorship of friends and family of Nyberg. This well will provide water for irrigation purposes at the village fish farm and coconut farm. The human dug well is expected to take 1.5 months to complete and is estimated to provide enough water for adequate water circulation in the ponds and the rest of the farm.


Local Group Supports Children's Village

A local group known as Unique Ladies has donated a number of items to the LoszuGhana Children’s Village Project. It's fantastic when local people also show their interest to support their own upon seeing the needs of under-privileged children in Ghana. We are so grateful to Unique Ladies for this generous contribution to the project.

A group of members from LoszuGhana, led by a local pastor from Orphans and Needy Smile Foundation (a local charity organization in Ghana), visited the Unique ladies during one of their meetings. In a statement by the leader of Unique Ladies, it was explained that they are a small group of mothers, and wish what every parent would want for their children so they lobby for others who do not have their own mothers. The items ranging  from children clothes, biscuits and financial donations were received by Miss Janet Opoku, a foster mother and  Acting Supervisor at the Children’s village, on behalf of all the children.

In her appreciation address Miss Opoku stated that it’s heart-warming to know that there are also others here in Ghana who still care about the welfare of needy children in the country. She also thanked the group for their effort and promised them the donated items will be put to the best use.

LoszuGhana wishes to say thank you to Unique Ladies for their support of the Children's Village project.

PopSkolan donates FH.7

Happy New year!!!!…..As we come to the end of 2013 lots of hard work is still going on at the   Children's Village. To start this new year we would like to say a huge thank you to PopSkolan, a Swedish pop music school who have generously provided LoszuGhana with funding for a new family house. Already the foundations have been dug out for the new building, while local volunteers are dedicating their time to making enough bricks to complete the house.

We wish all our supporters the best for 2014 and look forward to more progress at the Children's Village in this new year. Thank you!

Success So Far!

As always we have all been hard at work getting the Children's Village up and running and now daily life has settled into a routine for the children.There is still a lot of work to be done and improvements to be made to get things running smoothly.

Government Approves School Project

The Ghana Education  service has approved the school project to be operated and run by Loszughana Association not only to the benefit of the Children's Village but also the entire Old Adwampong Community. The children are up to date with their school work, being led by well trained and enthusiastic teachers. The school is being run from Creche up to class one (age range: 2-7years). We say thank you to all our supporters for Saving Our School(SOS) and hope on similar endeavors  to Support Our School(SOS).

 Support Our School Project (SOS)

The second phase of SOS project is to get the school up to speed with others in Ghana and running efficiently. Up until now, activities  such as cooking lunch, teaching and general management are done at an improvised level. The school lacks a well constructed playground -  facilities such as slide and merry-go-round; so the children currently have fewer options  for entertainment and games during their break times. An improvised football pitch has been constructed for lunchtime matches and enabling a good opportunity for exercise!

We need your continued support to make improvements at the school, as a good education and adequate facilities make such a huge difference to the children's lives.

Maize Harvesting

Harvesting started last month; a bit later than normal farming season as a result of busy schedules and other tasks at the Children’s Village. However, our entire maize farm has been completely harvested. The food yield from the farm was very encouraging - we estimate of about 5.5 sacks of maize grains were gained from the harvest this year, each weighing about 60kg! Other activities such as restocking the fish ponds are set to start and mature fish will be taken out for food at the village. There is now lots of delicious food available for the children and we will continue to work hard to ensure that they have more than enough. More Photos

We wish to once again say thank you to all of our supporters - the shared vision we had of building this place for orphaned and disadvantaged children to have a safe and developed start to life continues to come together step by step. We cannot keep this dream alive without your continued help.

Please keep checking our website for regular updates and pictures of the Children's Village and please keep up your much needed support!