Here We Are!!

So much has been happening at the Children's Village in the last few months and we already have our first children living at the project already enjoying village life! It is a very exciting time as already 5 children have been given a home at the village along with 3 mothers to take care of them. We are very happy for you to meet our new friends.

All of the children have started school and are busy making new friends as well as working hard at their studies. Lena has also moved in to her new home at the village where she will be supervising the day-to-day activities and the on-going work which we need to do to continue expanding the site and improving the facilities.

The Save Our School (SOS) phase of the project has been a huge success! Already more than 20 children have enrolled at the school which will be providing free education for those children who may not otherwise be able to attend school. LoszuGhana supporters have raised money which has enabled us to supply books and furniture for the school building as well as buying food for the students. This school will remain free to the children living in the LoszuGhana Children's Village and for the rest of the Adwampong community who have all become part of the LoszuGhana family. 

This will relieve the burden which so many parents feel about not being able to afford the fees for their children to go to school - we are so happy to be able to help in this way and allow many more children access to an education.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us to make this journey possible so far - we have come a long way together in just a short time! Over the next few months we will still need support from our friends as the real work begins at the Children's Village and we begin to help even more disadvantaged children who need us. Please continue to help us with this amazing vision.

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Donated items arrive at the children's village

Donated items ranging from assorted children clothes, shoes, first aid medical supplies, children toys and money were donated to the Children's Village to support its operation this year. The first batch of items has reached the LoszuGhana Children's Village with 2 more deliveries yet to come. Items were collected from homes of individuals, school groups and clinics to support the operations of the project. We continuously express our gratitude to our donors for their continuous and wonderful support so far and will provide them with frequent feedback on its use. Thank you! More Photos

Weiter mit dem Aufbau

Construction Continues With 6th Family House 

Barely 5 months ago when the 6th family house at the children village was constructed to the roofing stage, work has already begun again with fixing the wiring system, plumbing, sewage system and plastering of walls. Work is expected to progress to the painting stage, installation of mosquito nets and completing the locks in early August and finally completion of the project in mid August. 

Work On Kitchen Island 

Interior decoration of the kitchen complex started last month with construction of a kitchen island for better organization and convenience of work in the kitchen. Work has progressed to a further stage of  integration of wardrobes and drawers and decoration with tiles for easier cleaning. Most homes in Ghana do not have kitchen islands however introducing the kitchen island at the children's village will provide easier movement of workers and better organization of cooking materials in the kitchen. Most items like spoons, knives, ladles and cooking pots have already been acquired with other items like water storage tanks, fridges,  plates and cups to be bought. You can support us by donating to us today

 Renovation Of School Project To Complete Soon

The pre-school in the Adwampong community which was taken over by LoszuGhana for renovation to provide free education for the children in the Adwampong community and the children's village is to be completed at the end of August.The current stage and activities being carried out now includes plastering of cracks and patches in the building which then will be followed by painting and furnishing of the classrooms with tables and chairs. We then will need to provide books, pencils and other learning materials before the school start at the beginning of September. 

Moreover, we would like to use this medium to ask all our supporters and activists to support us (SOS-Project ) with materials such as exercise books, pencils(color) and other reading and writing materials. 

 Finishing Touches

As family house 6 progresses to its completion stage, the 5 other family houses are being given the finishing touches such as installing the wall sockets, lamp switches and and mosquitoes nets. This exercise was left until the later part of the work due to the fragile nature of these components especially when construction work is still on going at the children's village. Others like the rabbit, sheep and donkeys will be relocated to a different part of the village to properly arrange and organize the environment before the children settle at the village.  Click to view more photos


Construction on 6th Family House To End This Week

Construction on 6th Family House To End This Week

Regular work on the 6th family house was completed last weekend with plastering of the walls, electrical and plumbing works. Painting is scheduled to start after the carpenters finish the ceiling work this week - your suggestions with choice of colour is welcomed. The 6th family house will be used similarly to the other five houses; for accommodating children and their foster mothers. We say a big thank you to our sponsors for making this possible! Photos

 Vegetables and food crops farming this year has been a great success as most of our food crops cultivated are in the ripening stage. Traditional food crops like maize, cocoyam leaves can now be harvested for food whiles others like cassava, yam and plantain  may take some months to be fully matured for harvesting. More Photos


Social welfare support and child selection

Social Welfare Support and Child Selection

The child selection and host mothers recruitment programme which started about two months ago to select eligible children to occupy the children's village project has progressed to another stage. Already 6 potential children (3 boys and 3 girls) have been identified and shortlisted to be relocated to the children's village. All children were selected for different reasons but with one thing in common; that they really need our help. Personnel from the Department of Social Welfare have been assisting us with information, interviewing and data collection from the guardians and families of the children. 

So far 4 mothers have been named to live in the children's village to look after the children. They are currently under investigation and study to ensure that the right people are selected to be foster mothers. 

The selection procedure is almost finished, however it is recommended that information about children and their mothers be kept confidential until other legal and customary requirements have been satisfied.

We are thrilled to have reached this stage in the development of our shared dream to provide a Children's Village which will provide a safe and secure place to nurture these young people. Thank you for your continued support! More Photos