Ein grünes Haus!

Family House Painting

Construction and work at the LoszuGhana Children's Village Project has reached its painting stage. Painting  continues again this month with family houses and wooden building structures. Alongside the many activities going on at the children's village, the renovation and revival of the school in the Old Adwampong community is also taking place.

The first part of the painting was started this year with the painting of  doors and windows. Each family house will be painted with a different color. The colour of the second house currently being painted is light green from the inside and dark green from the outside. Click here for more photos

Oye Donation

The Open Your Eyes Foundation (OYE) has donated to the children's village project. The donation included assorted kitchen items including knives, cooking pots and local cooking stoves (coal pots), paint, washing bowls, bicycles and other items which will be useful to the project once finished. All items were bought and presented by Ms. Isabella Eriksonn who is currently in Ghana for a visit.

LoszuGhana-SOS Projekt

LoszuGhana - Save Our School Project

Old Adwampong is a small village where the children’s village project is currently under construction. The community has about 120 people of which most are children in the school going age. They lack school in their own community, therefore attend school in the next community about 50mins away. 

Our last visit to the Adwampong village was an inspection team consisting of Mr. Boateng, a member of the local council of elders in the Old Adwampong community, Mr. Yaw Asare, Project Director of LoszuGhana Children's Village Project and Ms. Lena Scheomaker, a board member and representative of Nkwadaafie-e.V. Information gathered during the visit revealed that, a kindergarten school was built in 2006 for the old Adwampong community by the local government of Ghana but has never been used before because they did not provide required facilities like tables and chairs as well as teachers.

The current state of the school is now a well roofed two classroom block with offices and toilet facility but without furniture and learning equipment abandoned in the bush in a collapsing state. What is required to renovate and revive the school is the replacement of door and window frames(which has been eaten by termites), repair of some broken part of the building, painting of school building, purchase of furniture, teaching and learning materials and playing materials for the children. 

LoszuGhana wish to renovate the school to provide free education for children who will live at the children's village as well as the children in the Old Adwampong community. Support Us Now

Renovation der Fischteiche


As our readers and followers were informed earlier, fish farming in 2012 yielded a very positive result with harvesting of mostly catfish and tilapia fish. The fish from  3 of the ponds were sold for income and others fried for consumption. The fish ponds are currently under renovation and expansion to increase productivity for 2013.

Two similar ponds will be combined into one, making it larger and more spacious for the fish.


This years fish farming will incorporate a level of  technicality where male fish will be bred separately from female, and similarly in terms of the fish types, as recommended by the department of fisheries upon their last visit. Completed ponds will be stocked with fish upon completion of the renovation. Click here to view photos


6th Family House Undergoing Roofing

6th Family House Undergoing Roofing

The 6th family house, which was recently started under the funding of the Paus family is undergoing roofing. Construction reached the roofing stage this week and was preceded with purchase of materials like assorted wood logs of different shapes and sizes , nails and roofing sheets. Roof work is expected to last a period of 8 working days which then will be followed by plumbing, fixing and plastering of the building. Click Here for photos

200 Metres More to Go

The outcome of hard work, determination and persistence has resulted in about 200 meters more of the wall around the children's village to be completed. The wall which was a secondary project with respect to other constructional activities such as family houses and kitchen building has gone through successive stages until now. For our readers who have been to the children's village before, the wall is presently at the entrance road to the children's village. View Photo

Windows Louver Fixed

One of the current activities which took place at the children's village is fixing of the windows louver which was postponed for a while. Until now all windows has been fixed with glass louvers and  will proceeded by fixing fixing of wire net for mosquitoes prevention. These activities are being handled by a local volunteer (Saka) who learnt this job from his apprenticeship and has experience with working with glass.  Click Here For Photos.


Neue Bewohner im Children’s Village


Neue Bewohner im Children’s Village

Zur Zeit bewohnen neun verschiedene Tierarten das Children’s Village, inklusive der neu eingezogenen Tauben. Zuvor waren es bereits Hunde, Katzen, Kaninchen, Perlhühner, Schafe, Schnecken, Fische und Hühner, die zu verschiedenen Zwecken im Projekt gehalten werden. Besonders für Tierliebhaber eignet sich der der Besuch des Children’s Village momentan bestens. In Zukunft wird es wunderbar zu sehen sein, wie Kinder und Tiere gemeinsam aufwachsen und die Kinder lernen, Verantwortung für Tiere zu übernehmen und sich um diese zu kümmern.Für unsere Kaninchen wurde ein neuer Stall gebaut, der alte Stall wurde renoviert und so wird die sich stetig vergrößernde Kaninchenpopulation in Zukunft genügend Platz zum Leben haben. Unsere neuen Bewohner sind noch namenlos. Falls dir Namen einfallen, teile es uns aufunserer facebook-Seitemit. Klicke hier für mehr Fotos.


Neue Fotogalerie über die laufenden Aktivitäten

Um alle InteressentInnen auch bildlich auf dem Laufenden zu halten, haben wir eine neue Galerie erstellt. Dort könenn sich die Leserinnen und Leser in Zukunft über alles aktuelle informieren, was im Children’s Village vor sich geht.