Family Paus Donates 6th Family House

Paus Donates 6th Family House to Childrens Village.

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a reputable company in Germany, as part of their contribution to the children village have donated towards the construction of one of the family houses for the LoszuGhana children's village project.
Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik is in the business of manufacturing heavy duty machines and equipment such as tractors.
Family Paus decided to show their sense of altruism and concern towards the realization of the aim and purpose of the children village project in Ghana to help needy and less privileged children.
The Paus family does not only seek to sponsor the building of one complete family house(6th family house) but also wants to fund it's entire completion including the interior decoration.
Construction has already begun with activities such as foundation building and fixing the doors and window frames etc. The foreman on site predicts a period of 2 months to complete the structure which then will be followed by its interior decoration. Click Here for Photos.

Erstellung von Kinder-Profilen im Jahr 2013


Erstellung von Kinder-Profilen im Jahr 2013

Die Fertigstellung und damit die Eröffnung des LoszuGhana Children’s Village rückt immer näher und damit steht das Projektleitungsteam nun vor einer neuen Aufgabe: dem Sammeln von Informationen über und dem Erstellen von Profilen von den in Frage kommenden Kindern, die in der nahen Zukunft im Children’s Village wohnen werden. Aus diesem Grund arbeiten wir aktuell an der Erstellung von Gutachten, die sich nach den Standards der Sozial- und Familienministerium Ghanas richten und uns bei der Auswahl eben dieser Kinder helfen werden.

Bereits Anfang diesen Jahres werden wir mit der Begutachtung und damit mit der Auswahl von infrage kommenden Kindern beginnen. Die Kriterien der Gutachten und der damit zusammenhängenden Auswahl richten sich ausschließlich nach den individuellen Ergebnissen des Gutachtens und nicht nach Gefallen oder Beziehungen. Das Gutachten eines jeden Kindes wird die folgenden Informationen beinhalten: persönliche Details, familiärer Hintergrund (dieser wird u.a. die Herkunft sowie die Kontaktdaten zu möglichen Verwandten erhalten), medizinischer Hintergrund und entsprechende Befunde sowie alle weiteren Informationen, die sich entscheidend auf das Leben des Kindes im Children’s Village auswirken können. Für die Auswahl von Pflegemüttern werden wir ein ähnliches, aber angepasstes Verfahren verwenden um so bestmöglich herauszufinden, ob die jeweilige Berwerberin unseren Erwartungen sowie den Anforderungen entspricht, die eine Pflegschaft mit sich bringt.

Es bleibt noch ausreichend Zeit bis zur Fertigstellung und Eröffnung des Children’s Village und so steht LoszuGhana noch nicht unter großem Zeitdruck, was genügend Raum lässt, den Auswahlprozess von Kindern und Pflegemüttern sorgfältig vorzubereiten und durchzuführen.

Zehn Kinder stehen bereits als in Frage kommend für das Children’s Village auf einer Vorauswahlliste. Das detaillierte Gutachten eines jeden einzelnen Kindes steht jedoch noch bevor. Als mögliche Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner des Children’s Village kommen neben Waisen- und Straßenkindern auch andere bedürftige Kinder in Frage.

Sobald das Children’s Village über die notwendigen speziellen materiellen und personellen Ausstattungen verfügt, werden auch Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen (d.h. Kinder mit körperlichen oder geistigen Behinderungen) ein neues Zuhause im Children’s Village finden.

Das Gutachterteam wird detaillierte Berichte zu jedem Kind erstellen, welches bereits ausgwählt wurde oder noch zur Auswahl steht. Sobald die ersten Kinder des Children’s Village feststehen, werden wir an dieser Stelle den Namen und des jeweiligen Kindes veröffentlichen und geben so allen Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützern die Möglichkeit, die Kinder des Children’s Village kennenzulernen

Progress of Farming Activities-2012

As the year draws closer and closer to tis end, every indigenous farmer puts a smiling face in considering what have been achieved throughout the year of hard work and perseverance in spite of the numerous challenges.


This is not too different from LoszuGhana Association in the building of the children's village. Our Achievements leaves a lot to  be desired, mentioning of our ongoing harvesting activity at the children's village pilot farming project.

Our diversified  harvesting activity ranges from harvesting and dehusking of maize, harvesting plantain, yam, cassava, etc.

The fish farming project also yielded a positive result with production of a lot more fishes than estimated after a recent hit back which resulted in some fish dying.After our recent test sampling activity, some fish weighed between 2.1kg - 3.5kg for both catfish and tilapia fish. Click To View Photos


However, harvesting of Fish which was scheduled for this month has be rescheduled for early January 2013, to enable us more time to survey and study the market for reasonable selling prices. Supervisors say, money derived from selling fish will be used  to renovate and expand the ponds for more fish.


New Farmer Joins Village For 2013 Farming

Happy new year everyone, as the year 2012, gradually fades away, the new year 2013 be described as practical year of fulfilling the dream. One of the most significant activities scheduled to take place is large scale farming.

Farming in 2013 is planned to take a different form with more focus on large scale farming for basically domestic use at the children's village. In view if this, a new experienced dedicative farmer has been recruited to work at the children's village farm. Mr. Asigbu a young farmer and a native of Bawku in the Upper East Region of Ghana is proven to be good in agricultural farming and he shows his commitment to his new role by bring some guinea fowl from his own farm on his first day arriving at the children's village.

Our new farmer on arriving at the children's village site, was thrilled by the natural vegetation at the village and plans to do a lot with the resources at his disposal.

He will be joined later by his spouse in 3months at the village who would also be of a lot of help working for the children's village with similar other assigned roles.


Afehyia Pa oo.....


Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!


LoszuGhana has done it again with yet another year of hard work and successive development with the ongoing loszughana children's village project. Our last visit on the weekend at the children's village was planned toward thanking and honoring the dedicative workers performing different role and task on site.

Preceded by all activities was observation of  the refilling of the fish ponds with fresh water and feeding of the fish by Zigi, Eva and the new recruited fellow Hakeem at the pond site.

Ponds were drained to effectively sample fish to know their sizes and growing rate which is one of the routine activities on site.

Climaxed with all activities was the most interesting part where presents for appreciation were given to all workers on site for their adorable contribution in 2012.


The session was led by Nana and Douglas and supported by Mr. Boateng at the village, with which every worker on site gathered in front of one  of the family houses for the session.

Presents given included, live chicken, bags of rice, tuna sardines, and sums of money for their christmas holidays. You need not to be described the scene and mood of the workers after the event.

In a pep talk, all workers were thanked for their contributions and dedication so far and were urge to keep up a more higher spirit in the coming 2013. The occasion was used to officially introduce the new farmer for the 2013 farming project.  Unlike the usual time,  the loszughana group form Tanoso left the village as late as 5pm back to Tanoso with so much joy and enthusiasm.

Now to our kind donors and supporters who has made this possible, we once again say a big THANK YOU and wish you a merry Christmas.

Afehyia pa oo......