One Last Song

December 21 2012, doomsday: creating «One Last Song»


On the 21st of December 2012, within 48 hours, musicians from all over the world will contribute to the creation of a song called «One Last Song» via the internet. In case the song makes money, the Yens, Dollars, Francs and Euros will go straight to LoszuGhana Children’s Village.

Read about the project.

You can watch «One Last Song» develop on the Web 2.0, particularly on Twitter: @tiginho and @simonefabbri with the event’s hashtag #2112LastSong or on


LoszuGhana Association wishes to say THANK YOU to Tiginho and Simone Fabbri and wishes good luck!


Wall Growing Fast

Wall At 70% Completed

One of the major requisite for completion and operation of the children's village is the security wall around the entire children's village.The wall is basically to control the movements of strangers and intruders in and out of the village as well as harmful animals trespassing to the village premises.Until now, almost 70% of the wall has so far been constructed with some meter more to go. In a statement by the Project Coordinator, he stated that, the village wall could be completed this year if a little bit more effort and resources are invested into it.

More bricks are currently being made to ensure continuous further construction of the wall, But this is not all as more materials and resources like cement and sand are variedly involved to complete for instance a meter of the wall. Until the wall is finished, it can not be considered ideal for children to live at the village, which requires concern people like you and us to put in a little effort now to make a difference. Until now, a lot of effort has been put into this part of the project to ensure optimum use of materials and resources to complete a bigger portion of the work. This procedure was necessary to offset future upsurge in most especially building material prices. View Photos






A Helping Hand

Many categories of work are currently being under taken at the village, there are some which require technical knowledge but others succeeds with the least effort and directions from. Most work carried out are manpowered and physical with the use of simple tools for almost everything. From digging of a (6.5m x 3.5m and 3m deep) septic tank, the only tools which were used are a pickaxe, shovels and a machete.Working with these tools for achieving such task is tough and difficult but to our dedicated workers, the only thing that motivates them is the simple fact; they are proud to be part of substantial  project of these kind and a more obvious and effective way of contributing is by getting invalid this way. View Photos

Three local people (Ghanaians) from different communities who heard about vision of has volunteered to work two days a week for the month of November and December as their part of contribution to support the building of the village.

You can also start or continue to help by donating in kind, in person or in cash to sponsor the project, finance a mini project or donate part of your time to tell more about the project to family members, friends and others out there who might also be willing to be part and to help.


October Activities

Various farming and construction activities has been short listed to be carried out this month in October. Some of these include finishing of the showroom which started in last August and rehabilitation of the ponds constructed so far. For almost 5 months since the construction of the ponds, this is the first time such a major activity will be carried out on the ponds to renovate, estimated and review the progress of the fish farming project at the village. Similar activities such as cleaning, sorting and restocking of ponds are scheduled to be carried out periodically in the next months. click here for photos


Other facilities such as bed design has also gone through a number of changes and alterations in other to achieve a perfect result that is most suitable for our family houses. Integrated in the beds are wardrobe where children will keep their cloths and other personal belongings such as toys, each room will take up to a maximum of two double-decker beds for children and another for a mother. Click here to view initial construction stages of beds.


Along side the major activities is wall construction which is expected to take-up a different form this month in October, so far  over 900m of the wall has been constructed to it's penultimate stage leaving a little over 650m to go. Work on the wall will continue along side the other major activities of furnishing the family house with interior decorations.


In Line

All In Line

The building of the children's village project is fast progress to its completion stage. As part of our penultimate activities, it was imperative to plan a natural holistic and green environment for the occupants of the children's village. As result, one of the recent activities undertaken so far was to grow flowers and hedges not only to beautify the environment but also create pathways and runways for vehicles. The yellowish-green nature of the hedges planted so far provides awesome look and demarcation of various sections of the construction area.

These hedges were bought as seedlings from a local gardener and transplanted by local and foreign volunteers of loszughana.  There is still more to grow, until now assorted varieties of trees and the hedges plants have been grown also to provide shade and proper air circulation at the village. Click to view photos


First Bed Installed In Family House.

Bed for family houses were contracted for multipurpose functions, integrated in the bed is a wardrobe where children's will keep their cloths and other personal belongings thereby coaching them with knowledge of privacy and self responsibility especially with personal belongings. Wardrobe can be separated from bed with a simple rearrangement. Its double-decker structure enables absolute usage of the bedrooms creating and saving space for other purposes.

The first bed was installed in the demonstration room  to assess demerits for improvement.

However, bed will further be modified to meet the required needs of the family house. Assessment of activities and facilities is one of the core aims of the demonstration room, this enables project supervisors ascertain  and predict future changes in other projects to be carried out. Click to view photo


District Chief Executive Officer and Delegates Visits Children's Village


The District Chief Executive Officer, Hnr. Nti Berko of the Bosomtwe Constituency in the Ashanti region of Ghana paid a  visit to the Loszughana Children's Village which is currently under construction. He was accompanied by delegates  including members of the local committee in the constituency and some local leaders.

They were led through a period of sight seeing by the coordinator, supervisors and other coworkers of the village project.  The Chief Executive Officer and his entourage were impressed by the developments under taken so far at the children's  village.

He stated in his remarks to support the project being carried out in his district and assured of supporting halfway with the  school project as part of the commitment of the local government and community in fulfilling the aims of the children's  village.

Moreover, he urged all liaison officers involved in the project to remain truthful, committed and trustworthy in carrying out  their duties to enable the project turn into a reality.

He also pledged to work in his power, in lobbying to support the the electrification project which is of a major concern at  the Children's village project so far.

Click here for Photos