Update Sept 2018

As initially planned beginning of this, our intense investment into growing our own food had a positive outcome. The raining season has extended a bit longer than usual and this positively influenced the thriving rate of our cultivated food crops. We have been able to harvest our first batch of maize and has already began to cultivate the second batch which is also expected to be matured and harvested in 2 months from now.

Update June 2018

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Happy Easter

It’s not just about the colourful EASTER Eggs and Bunnies. Its the hope that this festive period enfolds in everyone’s home. At our home at the children’s village is the continuous feel of love and protection made so by your constant support for us. This time we celebrate not alone, but with the pleasure of having our new sisters joining us and of course with all of you out there in mind and in heart. We love you all and wish you a wonderful Easter Holidays. Happy Easter!... More Photos

More To Come

We are hopeful of a huge harvest this year. Our cultivated maize is entering the maturity period and soon we will harvest. We plan to grow more before the raining season ends. If all works out, we will have maize twice this year. This applies to both the 2 farmlands we have invested into this year. Until now is mainly maize and vegetables(cocoyam) grown on the farmlands. We have acquired sufficient experience and knowledge from this years farming and plan to improve our methods and techniques for the next farming season and produce more until we reach our aim of being "self-sufficient". 

Meanwhile, the old Adampong community school has enjoyed some improvements in the last months, school items including Mattresses for the kindergarten class, A4 sheets for painting and drawing and color pencils were donated to the school. Kids can improve their creativity skills whiles they have fun at school. Other items such as new desk, chairs for teachers and textbooks are scheduled to be delivered this month to the school to improve academics in the school. Until now there are approximately 100 kids attending the school in the old Adwamping community. More Photos.


Our vocation training center is doing amazingly great, our young ladies and mothers are showing keen interest in the various on-going activities and participating fully. We are happy to announce plans of going commercials with our products. Our initial targets are the surrounding communities; Adunku, Adwuman, Oyoko and Old Adwampong. Food products such as pie, spring roll and bread are the main focus now and with time we will enlarge the market and products to many more. More Photos